Investment: The local municipality in Bologna is scoping green investments to enhance urban resilience to climate change. RESET will support stakeholders and decision-makers in designing a network of green and blue infrastructures connecting existing green areas, and scaling-up their effectiveness in producing ecosystem services.

Scientific/Technical Project Contribution: RESET will focuses on the use of environmental monitoring and modelling for the co-design of green interventions for reducing the impact of heatwaves and improving other ecosystem services. ReSET is also coordinating a citizen science initiative for monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of the green investments in producing the expected benefits and co-benefits. The citizen scientists will be engaged specifically for collecting, analysing and sharing data concerning the production of socio-cultural co-benefits of green infrastructure, including those related to the community wellbeing.

Working with local stakeholders ReSET has the following specific objectives in Bologna:

  • Adoption of a systemic approach to green areas

  • Identification of “climate shelters” in the city centre that could be integrated within the network of green areas

  • Overcoming the perception of green areas simply as a “park” for recreational activities

  • Integration of the “transition” areas within the green system

  • Multi-level connections among green areas

  • Enhancement of the capacity to engage marginal groups accounting for potential trade-offs due to green investments

  • Establish green areas/community connections in order to create positive social externalities

  • Citizen science for awareness raising

  • Enhancing data accessibility for non-experts