What we are doing

Introduction to ReSET (short)


ReSET is leveraging technological developments in spatial modelling, artificial intelligence and environmental sensing to better understand pathways to ReSET agricultural and urban development across Europe by working with the relevant stakeholders to develop and test more sustainable new ways of farming and of urban development. For agriculture we are examining the business as usual (BAU) situation versus an alternative trajectory of regenerative agriculture and rewilding. For cities we are examining BAU vs a more telecommuting focused trajectory providing opportunities for lowering densities, re-greening, traffic reduction and nature based solutions to reduce (air, water, noise) pollution, reduce climate-related risks (e.g. urban heat extremes) and improve quality of urban life.


Our modelling scale is the European scale with detailed earth observation powered- modelling case studies (DEMOs) at the national scale (UK, Spain, Romania, Italy) and integration with advanced sensing at local-regional scales: SE England, London (UK), Rivas Vacia Madrid and Valladolid (ES), Carasuhat Wetlands (RO) and Bologna (IT). The project runs from January 2021-January 2024.


Our focus is on farmland and urban land uses as understudied environments, yet key environments for sustainable development. We are also examining the connections between farmland and urban environments with respect to flows of income, ecosystem services (the benefits people receive from Nature) and employment between them. We are focused particularly on sustainable development options to manage flooding, drought, soil, water and air quality as key environmental concerns for Europe that are impacted by urban and farmland management and development.

Expected outputs:

In all cases we are deploying technology to examine impacts on employment, environment and economy. We are building an artificial intelligence-powered and advanced sensor-connected spatial green investment policy support system (GI-PSS), and will make it freely available to all, for application anywhere in Europe at scales from local to global. The ReSET PSS will live beyond the project, with the support of policysupport.org and will represent a radical improvement over existing processes for environmental impact assessment (EIA) of proposed urban and rural investments, including post-COVID green recovery investments.

Low-cost, multi-variate, open source, web-connected environmental monitoring - at scale

Spatial biophysical modelling of recent, current and proposed green investments, for decision support

Spatial socio-economic modelling of recent, current and proposed green investments, for decision support

Multi-site demonstration and application to understanding environment, jobs and economy impacts, in real world investment settings throughout Europe