Thames Gateway

Investment: The UK government is investing in new infrastructure in the Thames Gateway development region including grey infrastructure: transport, energy, industry, housing and green infrastructure such as natural flood management. These investments have the goal of achieving the triple win for economy, jobs and environment.

Scientific/Technical Project Contribution: We will deploy monitoring stations in specific investments to understand their impacts on the environment at a range of sites. We are monitoring the effectiveness of:

Forests as barriers to air, noise and light pollution from road and air transportation infrastructure

Impacts of Regenerative Agriculture on Water and Carbon under different management conditions

Leaky dams as a natural flood mitigation strategy

Impact of traffic calming around schools on air pollution

Next steps:

It is an ambition that an integrated modelling approach will be applied to the region to improve understanding of the adoption potential of NBS by farmers in the UK looking at both the socio-economic and biophysical aspects of the adoption. The integrated model will comprise an agent-based model together with relevant components of KCL’s models.