We are building upon the group's existing state of the art spatial policy support systems to develop a dynamic, spatially explicit PSS (ReSET) for coupled social and environmental systems with the purpose of helping to operationalise a more sustainable post-COVID recovery development in Europe. Advancing on current policy support systems and approaches to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will support:

  • Bridging the spatio-temporal gap between those scales of policy support suited to current remote-sensing and modelling approaches (national to regional) with those at which information is increasingly required (city, district, individual);

  • Better integration of the social and economic with biophysical dimensions, including a focus on disaggregating per pixel, per economic sector frequencies employment, economic, risk and environmental outcomes of policy, to go beyond geographical, aggregate approaches;

  • Better simulation of feedbacks and dynamics between decision making, outcomes and further decision making both spatially and temporally;

  • Better simulating environmental and policy stochasticity and tipping points, win-wins and co-benefits;

  • Better simulating the impacts of uneven individual and collective behaviours in relation to policy on the success of different pathways to ReSET agriculture and cities.

Would you like to know more about the technologies we are building? Here's a handy infographic of our project tools - it's never been easier to get up to date with environmental intelligence!