We are developing the conceptual underpinnings and framework to better integrate environmental, social science, local knowledge, advanced sensor research and artificial intelligence into the best of class spatial policy support systems. This to support advanced real time monitoring capability to better understand progress, make adjustments and minimise unintended consequences of European recovery pathways.

This involves:

  • Examination with stakeholders of decision support needs for operationalising recovery investments for urban and agricultural sustainability;

  • Review and understanding of current status and links between the consortia's policy support systems;

  • Understanding gaps where local knowledge integration can support improved spatial policy support in agricultural and urban settings;

  • Understanding gaps where advanced sensor research and deployment could contribute to improvement of understanding and projection of scenario impacts in agricultural and urban settings;

  • Understanding where artificial intelligence approaches including deep learning can help integrate data streams from EU Copernicus operational products into these policy support systems with intelligent noise reduction and low-cost, unsupervised spatial data integration.